ABOUT DEEPX Upon observing the exponential growth of IoT devices, surpassing the world’s population by tenfold over the past decade, we were inspired to establish our company. Our foresight led us to anticipate the inevitable rise of on-device AI. Envisioning a future where AI seamlessly integrates into every facet of human life, akin to the ubiquity of Wi-Fi today, we recognized the imperative need for low-power, high-performance AI semiconductor technology.

DEEPX has been at the forefront of research and development, pioneering cutting-edge AI semiconductor source technologies tailored for efficient deployment on edge devices. As we advance, keep a keen eye on the unfolding AIoT era, spearheaded by DEEPX. We are poised to shape the landscape where artificial intelligence converges seamlessly with the Internet of Things, bringing about a transformative paradigm shift in how we interact with and leverage technology.

WELCOME TO DEEPXAs we look at the fast-growing number of IoT devices over the last decade, we believed the era of Artificial Intelligence is something inevitable. We embrace the challenges of bringing the most efficient and advanced NPU(Neural Processing Unit) for IoT devices.

Bring AI From the Cloud to Edge Devices

CEO MESSAGEMy initial foray into the deep learning accelerator space marks the beginning of DEEPX. Just as Alice accidentally traveled to Wonderland after chasing a rabbit, founding DEEPX took my life in a completely new and innovative direction. Alan Turing, who first proposed a modern computer, expressed his inspiration for a machine that could learn from experience in 1947, foreshadowing the essence of the challenge that DEEPX seeks to achieve in the field of AI computing. The deep connection between Turing’s predictions and DEEPX’s mission is no mere coincidence. DEEPX seeks to contribute to the creation of a superintelligent society with the ambition to evolve human civilization to the next level. The parallels between Turing’s foresight and DEEPX’s commitment highlight the pivotal role artificial intelligence will play in shaping the future of human civilization. We hope for your interest and support in seeing what kind of story a company with the greatest vision in DEEPX’s history will create