ABOUT DEEPXDEEPX is a global technology company delivering the next
generation of artificial intelligence at the Edge.

WELCOME TO DEEPXAs we look at the fast-growing number of IoT devices over the last decade, we believed the era of Artificial Intelligence is something inevitable. We embrace the challenges of bringing the most efficient and advanced NPU(Neural Processing Unit) for IoT devices.

Bring AI From the Cloud to Edge Devices

CEO MESSAGEMy early experience on deep learning accelerators was the beginning of DEEPX.
Founding DEEPX altered direction in my life, just like Alice followed the rabbit
to Wonderland in ‘Alice in Wonderland’.
In 1947, Allan Turing said “What we want is a machine that can learn from experience”. This tells, it’s not a coincidence that DEEPX is working on AI computing now.
DEEPX has the ambition of contributing to the advancement of human civilization to a super-intelligent civilization.